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Field Studies

CAR has conducted over 1000 field trials with excellent client satisfaction. These include Magnitude of Residue, Soil Dissipation, Efficacy and Biotech studies. With 50 acres of dedicated research farm land and extensive access to area growers, CAR can perform field tests on most of the 200 crops grown in the Central Valley.

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Honeybee Studies

CAR is internationally known for conducting quality studies conforming to OECD and EPA requirements. These include laboratory to full scale field evaluations. CAR has developed protocols for special requirements, as well as routine studies. CAR maintains 50 hives in its own apiary and works with professional bee keepers off site.

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Project Management

CAR has conducted management of studies throughout California and the U.S. With over 20 years of experience with qualified Study Directors and the most recent electronic data management, California Agricultural Research, Inc. is in a unique position to provide complete beginning to end project management.

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